Large Format Drawing Scanning

Drawings and plans come in all different shapes, sizes and thickness. Our HD large format scanners can handle all media to a high quality image.

We pride ourselves on our ability to scan any size document and can achieve some of the quickest turnarounds on huge quantities. Our large format scanning service is known throughout the UK as being arguably the best available, mainly due to the fact we can scan any size but also because of our competitive pricing structure. In fact, even the document scanning industry turn to us when they are unable to meet their clients needs.

  • Original drawings/plans can be on paper, Mylar blueprint or transparency
  • Can be in scanned in colour, greyscale or black & white
  • Scanning resolutions available up to 1200dpi (dots per inch)
  • Scanned drawings give fast access to staff and can be easily emailed to staff working remotely (via secure connection)
  • Cost of retrieving and handling large documents can be drastically reduced
  • No damage caused to originals during the scanning process – damaged drawings can be repaired by our experienced staff

We have capacity to digitise over 1500 drawing a day, making even the largest of projects a simple and quick conversion.

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