Our Document Scanning Process

We believe in delivering the highest quality image for the best possible price. Using market leading Kodak Capture software with Perfect Page technology we produce an electronic scanned image from that is second to none. Our state-of-the-art Document Scanners can scan your paper documents to high resolution colour OCR PDF or PDF/a files.

With today’s technology we can fit millions of pages onto an encrypted external drive. Document Scanning is therefore ideal for converting large filing cabinets to electronic image and freeing up valuable office space. Scanned documents can be shared securely across departments and teams, ensuring 24-hour access to important documents. Turn the paperless office dream into reality. With prices from 2p a page, why wait?We scan your paper files to PDF or PDFa, with high quality text searchable images know as OCR. Simply open the correct PDF file and search the entire scanned PDF file for text or terms you need. Easy to use, and extremely effective.

We can offer a scanning service on-site as well as off-site. If you prefer the documents not to leave your office, we can project manage a solution to scan on your site. The image formats and index can be decided by you giving total flexibility to import our scanned images into your current in-house system if required. Alternatively, we can return your images on secure USB with a database solution from a market leading brand or host them on our secure cloud site accessible through your web browser.Once the document scanning is complete, the original paper can either be returned to your stores, confidentially destroyed by confidential secure shredding followed by hydro pulping or stored in our secure document storage area.

Not only complying with current environmental policies but also a fully confidential end to end service.We can offer help and support with progressing your existing systems to help reduce ongoing processing costs once your back file conversion has taken place.

We offer a comprehensive workflow system that can be designed to provide optimal savings and benefits to suit your organisation. For example if you are processing invoices by implementing a workflow solution you can centrally file documents such as the purchase order, invoice, POD and associated documents linked with ensuring the correct sign off procedure has been followed at each stage prior to the invoice being submitted for payment.

This can significantly reduce the time searching for documents to support the sign off at each phase and avoid the possibility of paying invoices before the correct procedures have been carried out. Contact us today to see how workflow implementation could help in your organisation.

If you are looking to purchase your own in house scanning hardware and software please get in touch to see what we can offer. Full onsite training can be provided.

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