Secure Online Filing Software

Our cloud based filing system works from a simple web browser with ultra secure SSL certified encryption, 256 AES data encryption and firewall security.

We work on the principle that your filing system and cabinets are not broken, just getting a little out of hand and need some support.

It could be you just have too many filing cabinets, possibly you would like the ability to search for your filing cabinets as you do for files on your PC, maybe on occasion you would like to access your paper files while you are out on the road or at home. What ever the reason, the old filing cabinet is not really broken so let’s not reinvent the wheel, just give it a bit of a helping hand.

Using a style familiar to every PC user, your filing cabinets are illustrated in a tree format, cabinets at the top, with folders and documents below.

Each cabinet can have as many folders are you wish and each folder are be named as you like. Folders can contain sub folders and of course documents. Just as you would expect your filing cabinet to be.

Our cloud system can store any image file type including tif, PDF, doc and can display the file on the screen instantly. The online filing software is fully scalable with an unlimited amount of possible users. You have no up front cost or IT requirments making it a simple solutions to your filing needs.

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