GIS OS Map Digitising

GIS Services Cambridge

Our Geospatial Services provide a cost-effective and accurate Map Digitisation Service that represents analogue signals or raster images as a discrete set of points. Having been through the digitisation process the maps become much more useful and flexible, and far easier to edit and share. They also become live and evolving rather than static and inflexible.

Before any geographic image or map can be used in a GIS it must first be converted into a compatible digital / vector format. This process is known as vectorisation and is far more flexible than traditional cartography. Indeed, when used as a database, vector maps can become central to the entire asset management process allowing other information and attributes to be 'hung' on the location data and then managed within a geographical context.

We have many years of experience in this area, and have built up an enviable reputation, largely due to the reliability and scope of our work which includes digitisation of paper maps and tax maps, heads up digitisation, CAD digitisation, and digitisation of cadastral parcel maps.

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